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The Quest For The Greatest Titan: George vs. Casey

On the heels of an upset, we look at another classic vs. current Titan matchup.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

While yesterday was not the first upset of the tournament, I believe that it was the first major upset of the tournament. It was questioned whether Marcus Mariota deserved his number 3 seed when things first got started, and now he is set to face Bruce Matthews, seeking a chance to match up against Steve McNair in the final four. Yesterday's matchup was one of my favorite yet, thanks to the upset, controversy, and discussion. Thanks to all those who have been participating, and here's hoping the tournament continues to increase in excitement each day. Today's matchup may not have the flash that yesterday's did, but it is certainly an interesting pair of players.

(1) Eddie George: Eddie George rolled through round 1. Facing a number 8 seed, no less was expected. Today, he will definitely face a tougher matchup. That being said, he has to be the favorite today. Looking at Eddie George's career as a Titan, it's hard to definitively say that anyone was outright better than him. He carried many teams for many years. His tough running style wore defenses out, and helped open things up for Steve McNair and the passing game. For some of the best Titans teams that we have ever seen, George was always the focal point.

(4) Jurrell Casey: Barring a huge upset today, realistically, this could be the end of the line for Jurrell Casey. He is facing a really tough matchup today against an all time great. When things are all said and done, Casey will likely be remember as one of the better Titans that we have seen, but in comparison to Eddie George, he just does not have the qualifications at this point to go toe to toe. George has the time, time-wide success, leadership, and much more. If Casey can be a part of some playoff teams, his value would definitely go up more. As it stands now, George has a much greater impact on the franchise than Casey.

My vote: I am a big Jurrell Casey fan, but Eddie George outranks him in just about every category imaginable. Casey gets his all due respect, but when matched up against Eddie George, he's facing a different beast. Number 27 all the way.

Updated Bracket: