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Tennessee Titans News Links: "My confidence is up there..."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"Fill my eyes with that double vision,
No disguise for that double vision..."

Titans Links!
Derrick Henry was asked if he had any personal goals, and he responded by saying he feels personal goals will fall into place once you put the team first and contribute to the team. He feels everything will fall into place when the team is placed first. Henry was inducted into Nissan's fake "Heisman House fraternity" which he will begin shooting commercials for soon. You probably remember them from last year because Marcus Mariota had a spot in a few of them.

Quick Hit: Derrick Henry is looking forward to meeting Herschel Walker.

DGB believes he is on track for a bigger year. He believes he has had a good off-season. He worked through the hamstring issue he had early on, he's been taking care of himself, he's been learning the playbook, and he has been doing his best to play fast. Mariota believes DGB is a stud, and hopes they can find ways to get him the football so he can go out and do his thing.

Quick Hit: Mariota has a "sounding board" in Matt Cassel.

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