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Tennessee Titans News Links: "People count me out every year..."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

"I heard you crying loud, all the way across town,
Cause you've been searching for that someone,
And it's me out on the prowl..."

Titans Links!
Antonio Andrews ain't backing down from nothin'! The Titans have added Murray and Henry in the backfield this off-season, and the additions have caused the Running Back depth to get a little crowded. This is making Andrews have to prove himself, but that's nothing new to him. He says people counting him out every year is just fueling the fire within him. He is going to keep working hard and staying consistent doing so. Good luck, bruh.

Quick Hit: DeMarco Murray makes some comments on the offense, Derrick Henry, and some other stuff.

Joe Redemann wonders if benching DGB is a smart move for the Titans. Currently, on the OTA depth chart, he is ranked fourth behind Rishard Matthews, Kendall Wright, and Tajae Sharpe. Mularkey has stated he has currently named DGB a "non-starter" to motivate him to work harder and be more consistent (at least he didn't put him in a JAG jersey).

That's all for today. Happy reading!