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Tennessee Titans News Links: "He's not a boisterous person."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"We are the small fish,
We swim together (ohh)..."

Titans Links!
DeMarco Murray is already fitting in with the Titans, and he is blown away with how well things are going. He says his expectations have been exceeded, he believes the team and coaching staff are unbelievable, and feels Mularkey is a "hell" of a coach. Running Back Coach Sylvester Croom says Murray has been leading by example, and is not a boisterous person. If something needs to be said, he says it, but in the right way. I'm really glad this guy is on the team now, and I hope we can see the 2014 Murray next season.

Quick Hit: Paul K projects the 53 man roster.

Joe Rexrode believes Taylor Lewan may be the most interesting man on the Titans. Rexrode notes that the most important thing that stood out about Lewan was that he was healthy. He was physically in great shape, and moved extremely well. New Offensive Lineman Coach Russ Grimm has simplified the terminology along the line. Lewan says this change has made the team faster. Rexrode notes that Lewan was striped of his "Captain" title last season, but believes that Lewan has been showing that he is capable of earning that Captain title this upcoming season.

Quick Hit: Mariota is on his way, but isn't quite there yet.

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