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Tennessee Titans News Links: I'm back!

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"Guess who's back, back again,
(Jerlindsey's) back, tell a friend,
Guess who's back, guess who's back?..."

*Sorry for my absence last week! I was on vacation, and was too busy enjoying the beach.

Titans Links!
Taylor Lewan has a word he is living by going into his third season: consistency. He has been evaluating himself both on and off the field. He realizes he has had consistency issues, and he has taken ownership of the things he has done (both right and wrong). Taylor also feels like he wasn't himself last season when Whiz named him a Captain. He was trying to lead in ways that didn't feel natural to him. Both Grimm and Mularkey have also commented on his fitness and have said he can run all day, and that he has shown great maturity.

Quick Hit: DeMarco Murray: Star power + TDs = "a household name in no time."

The Titans are hoping Justin Hunger and DGB are hungry and motivated. Tajae Sharpe showed up to the off-season program with his own football, and has been impressing coaches ever since. He ran plays with the first team offense because he was the most consistent receiver on the team. Rishard Matthews and Shape lined up on the outside, and Kendall Wright lined up in the slot. So who was on the outside looking in? Hunter and DGB. Mularkey is hopeful that both players are taking this personal, and return in better shape, are better prepared, and are healthy.

Quick Hit: Jim Wyatt opens up his mailbag and answers some questions.

Steve McNair Quick Hit Links!
Mechelle McNair (Widow of Steve McNair) shares thoughts on his legacy.
Tyler McNair (Steve's 17 year old son) honored his late father with a moving tribute.

That's all for today. Happy reading!