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The Quest For The Greatest Titan: Bulluck vs. Dyson

Two classic Titans face off in another round 1 battle.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Yesterday's matchup was the closest that we have had to date. So far, I recognize a trend of classic, older Titans winning their matchups. It'll be interesting to see who the first newer age Titan is to defeat an older Titan. It'll also be interesting to see which will be the first upset. Unfortunately, it probably will not come today. We have very lopsided matchup on our hands:

(2) Keith Bulluck: Bulluck was extremely close to being a number 1 seed. He has always been a favorite among the fanbase. He was a key piece in some of the early 2000's Titans defenses. While the Titans had good linebackers, like Randall Godfrey before him, I consider Bulluck the first dynamic Titans linebacker of all time. He is definitely the best Titans linebacker of all time without a doubt. He was a playmaker on the defensive side of the ball throughout his entire career, and emerged as a leader during some tough times. After the salary cap purge, Bulluck was one of the few key Titans from the early teams that was left. Because of this, he was thrust into a leadership role, and he never looked back. He earned the nickname "Mr. Monday Night" and this was especially embraced one night in New Orleans, in 2007. He intercepted Drew Brees 3 times in a big Titans win against the Saints. No matter how many rough seasons he went through, he always played hard. This was especially evident in the 59-0 game against the Patriots, when Bulluck was the only player who seemed to be putting forth effort, even after the game was all but over. Bulluck showed time and time again throughout his career that he is a true Titan, through and through.

(7) Kevin Dyson: When you think of Kevin Dyson, you immediately think "Music City Miracle." This play alone landed Dyson in the tournament due to sentimental reasons among the fanbase. That being said, not much can be said about Dyson's career. He only played 6 seasons, and never even had a 900 yard season as a receiver. In hindsight, he probably should have been an 8 seed. However, you can never forget how important Kevin Dyson was to the Music City Miracle, and for that, I thank him.

My vote: This is an easy one. Keith Bulluck will win this matchup in an absolute blowout. He was a fantastic Titan, and while Dyson was important in the Music City Miracle, his career does not even come close to Bulluck's.

Updated Bracket: