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Michael Oher just signed a contract extension in Carolina

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Life is a funny, funny thing sometimes. The Titans signed Michael Oher to a big contract before the 2014 season. They were laughed at by virtually everyone that paid attention to football. Those people were proved right(ish) when Oher's time with the Titans ended before the 2014 season did. He was placed on IR after just 11 games. He didn't play well, and it was rumored that he didn't get along with Ken Whisenhunt (but then again who did?). He was released after the season ended.

He then signed with the Carolina Panthers and played all 16 regular season games for a team that went to the Super Bowl. The Panthers were happy enough with his play that they signed him to a 3-year contract extension today with $8 million in guaranteed money per Pro Football Talk. Now, that is not a big number for a tackle, but they are obviously happy enough with his play that they want him around for a few more years.

The Titans line has been a disaster for a few years now. Oher is just one player in a long list of guys that have been bad here. Still, with the success he has found in Carolina, it is hard not to ask if the problem was him or the system in Tennessee.

Oh well, it really doesn't matter. Oher and the Titans have both moved on to better situations.