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The Quest For The Greatest Titan: Bironas vs. Del Greco

The two most famous Titans kickers will face off today.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Yesterday's matchup was the closest that we have seen all tournament. Delanie Walker edged out Brad Hopkins by 14 votes. Thanks to all those who have followed and participated throughout the first round. Next week will be exciting, as the second round will be underway. However, today, we will look at another one of our last first round matchups:

(3) Rob Bironas: As it stands now, Rob Bironas is the best kicker in Titans history. He really began to come onto the scene in the Titans winning streak at the end of the 2006 season led by Vince Young. Most of these famous games were capped off by Bironas game-winners. His most famous that year was a 60 yard game-winning field goal to beat the eventual Super Bowl champion Colts. In 2007, he set an NFL record by making 8 field goals, including a game winner against the Texans, in a key December game. Whenever the Titans needed a big field goal, Bironas made it. He was about as reliable as kickers come. He was a key piece for some Titans offenses that centered around field goals and protecting the ball. While some may devalue kickers, the late Bironas really was an absolutely vital piece to the franchise.

(6) Al Del Greco: Before Rob Bironas came along, there was Al Del Greco. Just as Titans offenses in the mid-to-late 2000's relied on settling for field goals, protecting the football, and playing great defense, the early 2000's Titans did the same. Another reliable kicker, Del Greco stuck around for many years. Ultimately, he ended up being number one on the all-time franchise scoring list. Unfortunately, his name became somewhat infamous in 2000 after a terrible game against the Ravens. A number of special teams teams blunders, including 2 blocked field goals, one returned for a touchdown. On top of that, he missed another short field goal. Despite all of the accolades, he may go down an infamy due to this day.

My vote: While the two set franchise records, I have to go with Rob Bironas here. He saved the Titans collective behinds on numerous occasions for years. For Del Greco, the infamous Ravens game is a deal breaker. When I hear his name, that game is the first thing that I think of.

Updated Bracket: