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Between the Posts: Ichiro is not "The Hit King"

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday Ichiro got his 2.979th hit in Major League Baseball. That puts him just 21 hits shy of 3,000, which is pretty much an automatic ticket into the Hall of Fame. The amazing thing about that number is that Ichiro didn't play his first game in America until he was 27 years old. There is no doubt he will go down as one of the best hitters in the history of baseball.

However, he is not the new "Hit King," no matter how hard Major League Baseball wants you to believe that he is. Pete Rose had 4,256 hits in the majors. He still is, and probably always will be the true "Hit King." I get that he has been banned from baseball for gambling, but that doesn't change what he did on the field.

Like I said, Ichiro is an all-time great player. There is no doubt about that, but he still needs 1,278 hits to become "The Hit King."

There's my rant for today. Who you got in game 6 tonight?