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What was the Boldest Move of the Titans' Offseason? released their boldest/riskiest move for each team this offseason.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Say what you want about the Titans offseason, but I think we can all agree that they at least weren't boring. Jon Robinson wasted no time as the man in charge, trading for DeMarco Murray and signing a slew of mid-level free agents to fill holes on the roster. However, that was just the appetizer. just released their boldest move of the offseason for each team and it's no surprise what moment was listed for the Tennessee Titans.

The trade. ESPN's Mike Sando thinks trading away the number one pick for a host of selections later in the draft (along with a first rounder next year) was the boldest move of the Titans offseason. I don't think anyone can disagree. I wrote all along that I would be shocked if the pick was dealt, simply because the number one pick rarely gets traded anymore. It was just the perfect storm this year, I guess.

There's no doubt that this was THE moment of the offseason for Titans' fans. It was a move that was talked about and speculated on for months, ever since the Titans landed it in January. It was obvious. They had zero need for a quarterback and a handful of teams that were desperate for one. This will be the move that likely defines Jon Robinson's time in Nashville.

You could argue that an equally bold move was going back from 15th up to 8th to take Jack Conklin. Robinson gave up a third round pick this season and a second round pick next season to make it happen. I understood the need for Conklin, but I hated giving up so much to jump seven spots to get him -- especially with Taylor Decker likely there for the taking at pick 15. Watching Conklin, Decker and even Tunsil and Stanley develop over these next couple of seasons will be interesting.

The article even mentions retaining Mike Mularkey as "the opposite of bold, which makes it bold." I'm pretty sure it wasn't bold, but just plain uninspired. I understand the need for continuity, but Mike Mularkey is a strange hill to die on. Maybe the third time is the charm.

What was the boldest move of the Titans' offseason for you? Let us know!