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Tajae Sharpe getting reps with the first team offense

The Tennessean-USA TODAY Sports

All of the buzz from Titans mini-camp today was the fact that rookie wide receiver Tajae Sharpe was getting reps with the first team offense. Mike Mularkey said after practice that Sharpe got the chance because he has been the most consistent receiver, according to John Glennon.

Now, if you are like me, your first thought was probably that being the most consistent Titans wide receiver is like being the smartest kid in summer school, but that is just the anti-Titans receiver bias talking, right?

Everything you read and hear about Sharpe is really impressive. He never drops passes. That alone will get him on the field with the Titans. Sharpe is also apparently a quick study. That puts him ahead of guys like Dorial Green-Beckham and Justin Hunter.

The negative part of me wants to write this off as just another offseason wide receiver star, but I am going to try and fight that instinct and stay positive.