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Mike Mularkey not thrilled with Justin Hunter's locker room jump

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The ceiling (no pun intended) seems so high for Justin Hunter. He has all of the athletic ability in the world, but like many Titans receivers before him, he has been unable to turn that ability into consistent production on the field. His career has been a series of ups, downs and injuries.

Last week Paul Kuharsky had a story that someone dared him to jump and touch the 13-foot ceiling in the Titans locker room. The fact that Hunter can jump is not a story. We have seen that at times on the field and from the video last summer where he got up and dunked in a charity basketball game.

The story here is that Hunter attempted this jump on the same day he was held out of practice because of a sore ankle. Mike Mularkey wasn't thrilled when he heard about the jump:

Needless to say, Hunter should probably focus on wowing people on the field and not in the locker room.