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The Quest For the Greatest Titan: Roos vs. Bennett

Two former teammates square off in a 2-7 matchup.

Brian A. Westerholt/Getty Images

Yesterday's matchup was an interesting one, however the results yielded a complete blowout in favor of Frank Wycheck. Today, we have a 2-7 matchup that may bring similar results:

(2) Michael Roos: After talking about David Stewart yesterday, it is only appropriate that Michael Roos would be in his first matchup today. He was another absolutely essential piece when it came to turning around the general makeup of the Titans offensive line and offense as a whole, after some tough seasons. One of the best tackles in the league, and offensive linemen in the league overall, Roos was a key piece for the franchise, for many seasons. Ever since Roos retired, offensive line has been a huge weakness for the franhcise. He was an incredibly durable, talented, and dependable play on the offense for many years.

(7) Drew Bennett: Bennett had some solid years for the Titans. With the lack of big wide receiver seasons, his value has certainly gone up. Unfortunately, some of his best seasons as a Titan have been buried, due to the seasons in which they took place. Personally, I know that when I think of Drew Bennett, Billy Volek pops up in my mind by association, which is not necessarily a good thing. His best season was in 2004, when he had over 1000 yards receiving, and 11 touchdown receptions, which is nothing to sneeze at.

My vote: Today's bracket will not be a particularly close one. That being said, Drew Bennett had seasons that are pretty underrated by Titans fans. Of course, Roos gets the vote here.

Updated Bracket: