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Bucky Brooks projects Derrick Henry's 2016 stats

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Bucky Brooks of has posted projections for some of the 2016 rookies. Derrick Henry, the former Heisman winner and 2nd round pick of the Titans, was one of the players he projected. He predicted 145 carries and 500 yards for Henry. In case you need help with the math, that breaks down to 9 carries per game and 3.45 yards per carry.

I'll take the over on carries and yards. I would put the carries number closer to 200. That pushes the yardage total to almost 700. So that is my projection: 200 and 700. I'll even throw in 5 touchdowns.

So what do you think about those numbers? We usually do a community projections post closer to the start of the season, but we could go ahead and do that here with Henry. Project his carries, yardage and touchdowns. I will put together an average and that will be our projection for him for the season.