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The Quest For The Greatest Titan: Wycheck vs. Stewart

Two very well-respected Titans face off.

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Since the Casey-Haynesworth matchup was on a Friday, voting was able to stay open for the entire weekend. During that period, Haynesworth made a little bit of a comeback, but Jurrell Casey held him off and advanced. Today, we will shift back to the offensive side of the ball:

(3) Frank Wycheck: Wycheck is a classic Titan in every sense. He could have even pushed for a higher seed. He was an extremely talented, old-fashion, all-purpose tight end. When Steve McNair was a young and developing quarterback, Wycheck was his safety blanket and go-to guy. Not only did he consistently make plays in the passing game, but he was a factor from a blocking perspective as well. While he was a very talented tight end and a key piece on some of the early, classic Titans teams, he is most famous for the Music City Miracle. His throw across the field on "Homerun Throwback" was what essentially got the entire magical play started. Not only does he have the production on the field, and the sentimental factor in his favor among fans, he also is still heavily involved in the Titans community as the color commentator on Titans Radio for games. When qualifying a true Tennessee Titan, Frank Wycheck checks all of the boxes.

(6) David Stewart: "Big Country" was a key addition to the Titans. In a situation similar to what Titans fans have endured this offseason, a big haul was needed on the offensive line. In a vital draft, Stewart was picked to shore up the right side, and he did that, and more. This one draft turned around the entire makeup of the offensive line and offense as a whole. Thanks to David Stewart, the Titans developed a nasty streak among the offensive line, and he was a crucial part of the unit that had a lot of chemistry, and became one of the best in football. In 2008, ... In 2009, Stewart's offensive line blocked for a 2000 yard rusher. While he was such a key piece on some great Titans offensive lines, and was essential to turning around the franchise for the time being, his career is slightly overlooked.

My Vote: These are two very well-respected Titans. Frank Wycheck definitely has a lot of flash too him, and more fan-favorite in him. I would not be surprised at all if he won this matchup. However, I am giving David Stewart a chance to get some more votes than expected. Before Delanie Walker, Wycheck was undoubtedly the greatest Titans tight end of all time. Now, it is not so easy, which may minimalize him a bit. Also, right tackle has been an absolute nightmare since David Stewart retired, which may give him more votes. This was not an easy choice for me. However, I am still going to give it to the higher seed in Frank Wycheck.

Updated Bracket: