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Between the Posts: Can't Stop That Feeling

Gregory J. Fisher-USA TODAY Sports
Each day I will look at the top 5 trends on Twitter and write about them. Hopefully that will spur some discussion with you the reader here on the site. This could lead to some touchy subjects, but hey, what isn't a touchy subject these days? Also, if the trend is something I know nothing about I am not going to do any research on it. I am going to write about what I think it is. Should be fun.

Here are today's top trends in Nashville:




I said yesterday that I don't know anything about hockey, so you already know that I didn't stay up until 1 AM to watch the end of a hockey game. It sounds like it was pretty amazing. Maybe one day the Titans will have a playoff game for us to talk about. Fun fact: I have been doing this blog for almost 10 years and have covered a grand total of 2 playoff games #notreallyaFUNfact


A lot of people are sky diving today apparently. That is something you will never catch me doing. I don't even really like to fly in planes.


I have no idea what that is about.

Paul Ryan

Is he any relation to Nolan Ryan? I would much rather talk about Nolan than Paul. I leave you with this....