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Titans owner Amy Adams Strunk buying a house in Nashville

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Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Amy Adams Strunk is buying a house in Nashville according to Jason Wolf of The Tennessean. Hopefully this will put an end to the narrative that she doesn't really care about owning the team. Bud Adams, who was never questioned about his desire to own the team, didn't ever buy a house in the state of Tennessee.

I thought the narrative that she didn't care would die when it was revealed that she did attend every game last year, but some things are hard to kill. You may not agree with some of the decisions she has made, but this is proof to me that she is interested in owning this franchise.

I would also assume that this has something to do with clearing up any issues the league has with the current ownership structure for the team. No one really knows what the league's exact issue is with the group, but most believe that it has something to do with how invested the group is in making the team competitive.