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Between the Posts: What's trending?

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

So my new idea for Between the Posts was inspired by Rothbard today on Twitter. Each day I will look at the top 5 trends on Twitter and write about them. Hopefully that will spur some discussion with you the reader here on the site. This could lead to some touchy subjects, but hey, what isn't a touchy subject these days?  Also, if the trend is something I know nothing about I am not going to do any research on it. I am going to write about what I think it is. Should be fun.

Without further adieu, here is what's trending for May 4th 2016:


Star Wars is stupid and so is this pun.


See above.


Amen. We should all stand against racism every day. I would suggest, however, getting out there and doing something about it rather than just tweeting about it.


Uh oh, here comes a political trend. Hillary Clinton is very is Donald is Bernie Sanders. You know what would be awesome? If we could find a candidate that could at least get both sides to the table to have a discussion. I know that's crazy talk, but it sure seems like the best thing for this country would be to have smart people from both sides coming together to make decisions...but as for this trend, I'm all for it. Watching debates between Bernie and Trump would be hilarious.


Apparently Google is coming out with something new. I am sure it will be awesome.