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Matt Bowen Breaks Down Titans Offense at ESPN Fantasy Football Summit

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Every year ESPN gets all of their football people for a summit where they work on their fantasy football rankings for the upcoming year. That is going on right now in Bristol. Yesterday as part of that event Matt Bowen, who is a fantastic Xs and Os guy, spent some time breaking down the Titans offense with Marcus Mariota. You can watch the video here.

He spent a lot of time talking about the Titans use of run/pass option plays or RPOs as he called them. Bowen went on and on about how good Mariota is at running these plays and how they are the future of offense in the NFL. He also talked a lot about how he expects Mariota to run the ball more this year on designed quarterback runs.

I hope Mike Mularkey gets it. One of the things that Bowen stressed in that video was that you draft a quarterback as talented as Mariota and not ever let him throw the ball. Mularkey wants to run the ball and establish the line of scrimmage. That will open up a lot of things in the passing game. I cannot wait to see what Mariota can do in 2016!