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Tennessee Titans News Links: "He is an imposing figure."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"I watched the proverbial sunrise,
Coming up over the Pacific and..."

Titans Links!
DeMarco Murray is already enjoying his time in Tennessee. He loves the city and people of Nashville, he has bought a home, he enjoys his new teammates and coach, and is already feeling comfortable. So how did he feel when the Titans drafted Henry? He doesn't mind it at all. He actually understands it. He's never been the only back, and he knows the Titans will let him do what he does, and will let Henry do what he does. In fact, Murray wants to take Derrick under his wing. Let's see how well these two compliment each other next season.

Quick Hit: Is Murray and Henry too much of an investment at Running Back?

The draft is over, so now it's time to clean (the scouts) house! Two scouts, Mike Yowarsky and Marv Sunderland, have already been told they will not be returning to the team. There aren't hard feelings, and the scouts get that this is a business, and this is something that can happen. Hopefully Robinson can keep drawing on his knack for finding talent, and bring in some talented scouts as well.

Quick Hit: Is Derrick Henry the next Eddie George? Let's ask him and find out!

John Glennon looks at how the Titans' draft could impact five positions on the team. Running Back, Guard, Wide Receiver, Outside Linebacker (EDGE!!!!), and Cornerback.

That's all for today. Happy reading!