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Pro Football Focus Calls the Derrick Henry Pick One of the Worst Picks in 2016 NFL Draft

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Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Derrick Henry draft pick has to be the most debated Titans draft pick in recent history. Some people think Henry will be a bust in the NFL. Some people think Henry will be the greatest running back since sliced bread (Alabama fans mainly, of which I am one but do not hold this particular opinion) . Most people don't understand the pick because the Titans traded for DeMarco Murray or because they have bigger needs.

Pro Football Focus, however, took it one step further calling the Henry pick one of the 16 worst in the 2016 NFL Draft.  That's a little bit crazy. Here are their comments:

After shoring up the right tackle position in the first round with Jack Conklin, the Titans continued to find personnel that fits the "exotic smashmouth" scheme they are trying to build by picking up the most physically imposing running back in the draft. Unfortunately, Henry doesn’t offer much of anything different than what DeMarco Murray already brings to the table, and they passed up a golden opportunity to shore up their offensive line even further. Henry is great at falling forward on downhill runs, but he’s chopped down easily in space and isn’t a natural receiver out of the backfield. Drafting a backup running back in the second round with a roster full of needs is not something we can get on board with.

The suggestion that the Titans should have "shored up their line even further" is ridiculous. There is no way they were going to spend another high pick on the line after having 3 first round picks and and a new free agent center.

A lot of people are mad because they needed secondary help, but point me to the guy they could have gotten there that would have started over what they currently have on the roster.

Jon Robinson is building this roster for the future. By the time they are ready to really make a move, Murray will be in the twilight of his career and Henry will be the feature back. Sounds like a pretty smart pick, actually.