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Introducing: The Quest For The Greatest Titan

Who is the greatest Tennessee Titan of all time? You decide!

Elsa/Getty Images

The off-season is moving at a snail's pace. While we continue to wait everything out, we can continue to engage in activities to make the days move a little quicker. With that being said, I introduce something else that I encourage all Titans fans to participate in: A tournament to find out the greatest Titans player of all time! The tournament will feature old vs. new, offense vs. defense, and even special teamers!

Surely most are familiar with a March Madness bracket, and this will be no different. Starting on Monday, we will take a look at a different matchup each day. At the end of the post featuring each player, I will post a poll, where Titans fans decide who advances. I have posted the empty bracket below and as it continues to develop and players move on in the tournament, I will post an updated bracket. Other than that, the only disclaimer is that Houston Oilers were not included--this is all about the Tennessee Titans. I hope that everyone enjoys this, and I am very excited to see how the bracket develops. On Monday, we will start with the #1 seed, Steve McNair facing Alterraun Verner. See you there! The full bracket is posted below: