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Mike Mularkey ranked 32nd among NFL head coaches

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Steven Ruiz of USA Today ranked the 32 NFL head coaches. Our very own Mike Mularkey was the first coach listed!!!1 Of course it is a countdown, so that means that Ruiz has Mularkey ranked as the 32nd best head coach in the league (if you are trying to put a positive spin on it), or as the worst coach in the league.

Here is what Ruiz had to say about Mularkey:

Yes, I’m dropping Mularkey below the first-year coaches. Mularkey may have a track record as an NFL head coach, but it’s not very good. His teams have won four of the last 25 games he’s coached. In his four seasons running a team, he’s never produced an offense ranking higher than 25th — not very good for an offensive-minded coach. At least the four newbies have hope.


Maybe it is just the offseason talking, but I am actually starting to have some hope for this season. They have upgraded the offensive line and the running game. Marcus Mariota is a stud. Mularkey can run an "exotic smashmouth" scheme.

Maybe I'm crazy, but I think this list will look different at this time next year.