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Perrish Cox is having a very lucrative offseason

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Perrish Cox wore #29 last season. Cox gave that number to DeMarco Murray when the Titans acquired him in a trade earlier this offseason. Did he give the number up for free? It sure doesn't sound like it if you read this article from Terry McCormick.

Anyway, Cox switched to #24 after he gave his number to Murray. Well, Titans rookie running back, Derrick Henry, was at a rookie premier last weekend and was spotted wearing the number 24:

Here is what Cox had to say about giving #24 to Henry (per McCormick's article):

"When Derrick came, he asked the same thing. If it makes anybody play better, I’m open for it. We can talk business. Other than that, numbers don’t make you," said Cox."I’m totally cool with that, if it is. We’ve still got to talk about it. But if it makes him feel good, I’m cool with it."

One thing is for sure, it's a good time to be Perrish Cox!