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Tennessee Titans News Links: "We have more talent everywhere."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"Wasting time,
All along you've just been wasting mine..."

Titans Links!
DeMarco Murray had a great year in 2014. So great, in fact, he was named 2014's offensive player of the year. The year following, in Philadelphia, was not so great. Which Murray can we expect to see in 2016? Unfortunately that question will not be (ultimately) answered until pads and helmets are strapped on, and games are being played. So far, however, Mularkey and Mariota has liked what they've seen from Murray during OTAs. Mularkey said Murray has shown some great cuts, has shown great vision, and very good feet.

Quick Hit: Jim Wyatt gives us three observations from Wednesday's OTAs.

The wide receivers have been flat out stinky these past few years. The coaching staff is looking for the receivers to improve in 2016. Kendall Wright is looking to show that improvement. Wright says he is feeling more explosive and is ready to be out on the field. Wright, and the other receivers, have heard the coaches message that they are seeking improvement from them. Wright embraces the coaches putting them on blast, and likes that they came down hard on the receivers like they did. I really hope this group improves. We need it bad.

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