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Should the Titans have the longest odds to win the AFC South?

Kent Nishimura/Getty Images

Our friends at Bovada have released division odds this morning. They have the Titans as 10/1 to win the AFC South. That puts them with the longest odds of any of the 4 teams. The Colts are the favorites at 5/4. The Texans are next at 2/1. The Jaguars are third at 7/2.

I get why the Titans have the longest odds. They were the worst team in football at the end of the year last year, but they are going to be a lot better in 2016. Marcus Mariota will be more likely to stay healthy this year with the improved offensive line/running game. The defense will be better with Dick LeBeau calling the shots.

The Titans are going to be better than the Jaguars. If there is somewhere in Vegas that will let you make a bet like that, run to that place and bet the farm.

As for the other two teams, I believe they are better than the Titans on paper right now, but don't be surprised if that is not the case when the season rolls around.