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Between the Posts: How do you listen to music?

Why not?
Why not?
Harry How/Getty Images
Each day I will look at the top 5 trends on Twitter and write about them. Hopefully that will spur some discussion with you the reader here on the site. This could lead to some touchy subjects, but hey, what isn't a touchy subject these days? Also, if the trend is something I know nothing about I am not going to do any research on it. I am going to write about what I think it is. Should be fun.

Here are today's top trends in Nashville:


I ran 5 miles today because I am getting fat again. That was my motivation on this Monday. What's yours?


What's on your iPod right now? I have switched to Amazon Prime for my music and I really like it. It is free (well, if you pay for Prime), and there is a wide variety of music.


Does anyone still watch award shows?


Yep, still never seen an episode. I need someone to sell me on why I should watch this show....


I guess there was a tribute to Prince on that awards show last night. Did anyone see it? Was it good?