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Five Former Titans Land on 'Most Hated NFL Player' List

No surprises here.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Sporting News put together a fun list of the top 40 most hated players in the NFL. The list included players from today along with guys from the past. Surprisingly enough, five players with Tennessee ties made the cut. Take a look at their rankings.

#25: Cortland Finnegan

Finnegan remains one of my favorite all time Titans to this day, but I can certainly see why an outsider would hate him. The guy ran his mouth non-stop, but typically backed it up. The former seventh round pick earned time as a rookie, carving out a role as a nickel corner and eventually becoming a starter on the outside. The defense took on his personality, playing with a chip on their shoulder and even a little dirty at times. Unfortunately his career will always be overshadowed for catching Andre Johnson's fist with his skull in the now infamous scuffle in Houston. You had to admire how the guy never backed down from anyone, though.

#24: Chuck Cecil

Cecil's playing days were before my time, but I had the pleasure of watching him as an assistant coach and defensive coordinator. He didn't last long running the Titans' defense, but he did give us this gem of a video. Cecil led the defense for two years in Nashville before getting fired. In hindsight, the guy was probably too much of a loose cannon to be given responsibility over an entire defense. Now he works for Jeff Fisher as a defensive assistant in Los Angeles, because of course he does.

#18: Randy Moss

Randy Moss had nothing more than a cup of coffee with Tennessee, but he's the third former Titan on this list. Moss will go down as one of the most fascinating guys to ever play in the league. The tantalizing God-given talents were undeniable, but there seems to always be a cloud that lingered over Moss. He knew how to punch people's buttons and stay in the spotlight, even in the twilight of his career.

#13: Albert Haynesworth

The Haynesworth hate mostly stems from his head stop on Cowboy's center Andre Gurode. Albert was still finding his way in the NFL when that happened, which would cloud the rest of his career. Haynesworth may have been the best defender in the league in 2008, anchoring a defense that led to a 13-3 record. He then bolted for money that off-season, becoming the latest Dan Snyder free agent bust. Albert was a guy that could be special in 2008, but he cashed it in as a Redskin. Would things have been different had he stayed in Nashville? We are left to wonder, which is part of the reason why he lands so highly on this list.

#9: Pacman Jones

Ahhh, the Pacman years. If nothing else, the dude kept you on your toes as a fan. Pacman has been arrested eight different times since entering the league. EIGHT!!! He was over-drafted in 2005, but filled an immediate need. He made his biggest impact with the Titans in the return game, taking back three punts in 2006. He's stuck with the Bengals after making his return to the league in 2010. He just signed on for three more seasons in Cincinnati this off-season. The guy literally has nine lives.

Who is your most hated NFL player?