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Tennessee Titans News Links: Did you know Mariota is awesome?

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Jon Robinson has been quite popular since he arrived in Tennessee. The media loves him and can't get enough of him. Fans, too, already love the guy, and are impressed with what he has done so far. There will come a time, though, where he will take a step back and allow Mike Mularkey to garner much of the attention (especially when the season starts). Robinson likes the connection he and Mike share with their philosophy on football (tough and hard nosed), and feels that during the season there should be one voice in the organization, and that is the head coach. I'm sure the exposure both men get will balance out when the season begins.

Quick Link: 5 Takeaways from the Titans 5K

It appears Mariota is being more vocal and confident as his second season in the NFL begins. Delanie Walker (I love that guy) notes that Mariota is a natural leader, and can tell he is starting to be more vocal, and is showing that he is becoming more comfortable with the system. Organized team activities kick off next week, and some newcomers are already impressed with what they have seen from Marcus. Murray, Jones, and Matthews are three new players on the team that are excited and impressed with what they have seen so far in Mariota. Murray states how great of a person Marcus is, Jones says he can't wait to block and protect him, and Matthews says Mariota is a great leader. That's my quarterback.

Quick Hit: Mettenberger found it tough to be behind Mariota.

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