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Marcus Mariota is already being more vocal in year two

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

You might remember one of the silly criticisms of Marcus Mariota before last year's draft was that he was to quiet. Well apparently that has changed already leading up to his second season. Delanie Walker had this to say to Jim Wyatt about what he has seen from the Titans quarterback so far this offseason:

"Marcus is just a leader,’’ tight end Delanie Walker said of Mariota. "You can tell he is starting to be more vocal. I think he is starting to get more comfortable with the system, and the guys are knowing that he is a leader on this team. So his throwing is always going to be good. But he looks faster, and he seems like he is grasping the offense really well. I am excited to see what he does."

It stands to reason that Mariota would be more comfortable in his second year in the league- even being with a "new" head coach and new offensive coordinator. Maybe it is just the offseason talking, but I am starting to get excited about this offense. I think they are going to find ways to take advantages of changes in the game (as this article talks about).

But even if the "exotic smashmouth" doesn't work out, the Titans have a special guy in Mariota. There are good things in store for this team over the next few years.