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Tennessee Titans News Links: "That was fun."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"It was a beautiful day, the sun beat down,
I had the radio on, I was drivin'..."

Titans Links!
The draft. It is over. It is finished. So now what? Hmm...let's recap it! Paul K reviews how the Titans' draft went down.The best move: trading the number one pick to the Rams. The riskiest move: taking Dodd with their first pick in the second round. The most surprising move: drafting RB Derrick Henry. Something to keep in mind: Tretola using him lasting till the sixth round as a chip on his shoulder (which will only make him a meaner player). Overall Kuharsky gave their draft a thumbs up, and I'd have to agree.

As mentioned above; one of the more surprising moves in the draft was the selection of Derrick Henry. It was surprising because earlier in the off-season the Titans traded for DeMarco Murray, and labeled him the workhorse of the backfield. So how did Murray take the news when Henry was drafted? According to Mike Mularkey: he applauded the move. Mularkey called Murray as soon as the pick was made. He did it so he could make the motive behind the move clear, and to show Murray some respect. Murray told Mularkey that Henry is going to make him a better player, and that he will make Henry a better player as well.

Quick Hit: DeMarco Murray got a call as soon as Henry was picked.

There is a new sports writer with the Tennessean and his name is Joe Rexrode. On Saturday he wrote an article explaining that, on the surface of this draft, most Titans fans may be feeling disappointed. They drafted a tackle (again), then on day two they selected guys who (most likely) will be reserves and not start their rookie seasons, and then on day three they selected more small school guys that people don't know much about. Well fear not! This draft should be viewed as Robinson laying down a foundation. You can't fill all the holes in one draft. It will take some time to build this team, and Robinson is starting things off right.

Quick Draft Pick Links!
Robinson recaps Saturday's selections.
Kevin Dodd is ready to contribute for the Titans.
The Titans targeted, and landed, Austin Johnson.
Derrick Henry gives the Titans a 1-2 punch.
Being picked by the Titans is a dream come true for Kevin Byard.
Tajae Sharpe wants to prove himself in the NFL.
LeShaun Sims wants to bring physical play to the NFL.
The Titans drafted a mauler (and an entertainer) in Sebastian Tretola.
Aaron Wallace is happy Mariota is on his team.
Kalen Reed (Mr. Irrelevant) played Pee-Wee Football in Nashville.

That's all for today. Happy reading!