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Tennessee Titans News Links: "All of the players really look up to him."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"I wanted to be with you alone,
And talk about the weather..."

Titans Links!
Jon Robinson is impressed with what he has seen from Derrick Henry in mini-camp. There were two runs, in particular, that Robinson really felt impressed by. One was where he somehow squeezed himself through a very small hold in the line, picked up his feet, and lowered his shoulder through the run. The other was a play where he performed a cutback and outran the defender. These two plays impressed Robinson because of the size of Henry, and seeing what he is capable of doing with his size.

Quick Hit: Lost in Translation: The Derrick Henry footwork clip by Matt Waldman

Robinson says that Mariota is "as advertised." Robinson notes that Marcus shows command, he has great throwing ability, he is a mobile quarterback who is very fluid with his movement, and that he has good upside. Robinson also said he is comfortable going into the season with Cassel and Tanney playing behind Mariota. The reason he released Mettenberger now was so that he could be fair to Mett. He wanted to allow him to go somewhere now so that he could get comfortable with a new team, and to allow him to compete for some playing time with another team.

Quick Hit: Why the best is yet to come for Kevin Dodd.

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