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Between the Posts: A songwriting legend dies

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Rick Diamond/Getty Images
Each day I will look at the top 5 trends on Twitter and write about them. Hopefully that will spur some discussion with you the reader here on the site. This could lead to some touchy subjects, but hey, what isn't a touchy subject these days? Also, if the trend is something I know nothing about I am not going to do any research on it. I am going to write about what I think it is. Should be fun.

Here are today's top trends in Nashville:


I am disappointed in the people on Twitter. This is a Monday topic, not a Tuesday trend.


That's the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network. They had a meeting today. Jordan Churchill follows them. He used to write for MCM. #seehwhatIdidthere

Guy Clark

Guy Clark was a songwriter that passed away. He was a Grammy winner. That's a pretty big deal (in case you didn't know). You can learn more about Clark here. This was my favorite tweet I saw about him today:


We can assume that this is talking about Russell Westbrook who took down my Golden State Warriors fan. I have been a huge Warriors fan for just about a year now. I feel like there is a term for that, but I can't think of what it is right now.


Yep, for the 2nd straight day news about Zach Mettenberger has made the Titans a trending topic in Nashville in May. In case you missed it, he was claimed by Ken Whisenhunt and the San Diego Chargers this afternoon.