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Chargers claim Zach Mettenberger

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

In the least shocking development of the day, the San Diego Chargers have claimed Zach Mettenberger according to Adam Schefter. In case you didn't know, Ken Whisenhunt is the offensive coordinator in San Diego. The Whiz was the head coach of the Titans when they drafted Mett Show, and there has never been a more prototypical Whiz QB than Mettenberger.

For Mettenberger, this is best case scenario. He is reunited with a guy who really believes in him, and he gets a chance to sit and learn behind Philip Rivers- who just signed a 3-year contract extension this offseason. Mettenberger has 2 years left on his rookie deal.

Charlie Whitehurst made a nice career and a ton of money by being a career Ken Whisenhunt back-up quarterback. That might be the career path that Mett is on right now. There are worse things out there than making a lot of money and living in San Diego.