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Who was the last Titans player you irrationally loved?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Kuharsky wrote an article today about Titans' fans being attached to players that just aren't that good. He asks if that was part of the reason that the team held on to some guys longer than they should have. I really hope that the front office didn't keep any player around because of the fans being attached to him. That is a terrible way to run a franchise.

I'll admit, I thought Zach Mettenberger had a chance to be a good quarterback this time last year, but it became clear as 2015 went along that Mett just didn't have it. I don't have any problem with them letting him go.

Kuharsky mentioned Michael Preston in his article. I remember a lot of people here really liked him, including me, but in the end he just couldn't play. I loved Jack Locker and made every excuse for him. Looking back it was mainly just because I wanted him to be good. He wasn't.

So who is that guy for you?