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Tennessee Titans News Links: "I want to learn the entire playbook."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"Welcome to your life,
There's no turning back,
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We will find..."

Titans Links!
Friday was the first day of the Rookie mini-camp. Jim Wyatt was there, and offered up some observations. First we learn that Derrick Henry was the main attraction. Cameras and eyes were mainly set on him, and I guess that will happen when you were last year's Heisman winner. First round draft pick Jack Conklin saw some time on both the right and left side of the line. The Titans want him to get comfortable at both positions, but Conklin thinks it is just to get him familiar with the playbook. Tajae Sharpe is starting to settling in. It looked like some nerves had the better of him in the beginning, but it looked like he was starting to calm down towards the end. He also lists off some little things to note that happened at the first practice. The biggest one to me was that Amy Adams Strunk was on the sidelines watching along with Jon Robinson.

Quick Hit: Derrick Henry's footwork needs work. #LetTheGamesBegin

The Wide Receivers were told, by Mularkey, that there is expected to be a lot of improvement out of them. There are four coaches on the team that have, in some capacity, coached Wide Receivers: Mike Mularkey, Terry Robiskie, Bob Bratkowski, and Jason Tucker. Mularkey said that the Wide Receiver core know they are going to be coached harder than any other position on the team this year. Here is where I mention that I really hope the coaches put these guys through the ringer, and push long as they don't put a JAG jersey on anyone that is.

Quick Hit: Tennessee's smash mouth approach could pay off.

Kevin Byard is a physically gifted athlete, but his brain is what caught the attention of the Titans. Mularkey says that Byard is already looking very comfortable out on the field. Byard credits his ability to get comfortable on the field to his past coaches who really taught him how to watch film. Kevin says that a lot of people think interceptions are made based off of a player's athleticism, but in reality it comes from studying film and knowing where to be in order to make a play.

Quick Hit: Jim Wyatt answers questions sent to his mailbag.

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