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Titans sign former Kansas State CB Morgan Burns

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have signed undrafted free agent CB Morgan Burns from Kansas State. Who is Morgan Burns you ask?

This from his draft profile at

Do not get this twisted. Morgan Burns will come into the league as a kick return specialist who will likely need to sell a team on his ability to be a fifth cornerback. At this point, Burns' erratic coverage and tackling will could get him torched on the NFL level, but his talent as kick returner could earn him instant playing time. Burns’ may benefit from taking some camp reps as a running back as a stash spot for roster flexibility.

This is going to be a guy to watch closely in the preseason. If he is going to make this team it is going to be for the impact he can potentially have on special teams.

The addition of Burns brings the Titans roster to the maximum of 90 players.