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Tennessee Titans News Links: Working on that chemistry.

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"My Adidas,
Walked through concert doors..."

Titans Links!
Jon Robinson did a good job of bringing in solid free agents this off-season. One of those free agents was former Dolphins Wide Receiver Rishard Matthews. This month he has been working with Mariota to develop a chemistry and a comfort zone. So far Matthews is impressed with Mariota, and says he is a great leader and doing the things he needs to do to lead this team. Matthews also said his transition to the Titans has been coming along smoothly, and that everyone on the team is pretty cool.

Quick Hit: The Titans' off-season only moved them up one spot in ESPN's power rankings. #Whatev

Kevin Byard is ready to get to work! He was the first rookie in on his first day of the job. He has been one who has always wanted to make a good first impression, and never wants to be late. He joined all other rookies (along with undrafted rookies) on Monday, and will later take part in Rookie minicamp on Friday.

Quick Hit: Paul K answers some mail bag questions.

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