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Tennessee Titans News Links: All the terms!

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

Mike Carlson/Getty Images

"I took her out, it was Friday night,
I wore cologne to get the feeling right..."

Titans Links!
The Titans have agreed to terms with only six of their ten draft picks. ONLY SIX! What the heck?! #OffsetLanguage #RabbleRabbleRabble. The Titans have agreed to terms with: Derrick Henry, Austin Johnson, Tajae Sharpe, LeShaun Sims, Aaron Wallace, and Kalan Reed. All rookies, even those who have not agreed to terms yet, will meet on Friday for minicamp.

Quick Hit: Derrick Henry arrived and got to work with the Titans on Monday.

In addition to six draft picks; the Titans agreed to terms with eleven undrafted free agents on Monday. Paul K gives us a run down on each of those undrafted free agents. You'll notice that most of those signed are players along the offensive and defensive line. I wonder what area of the team they are looking to improve on....

Quick Hit: Delanie Walker wants to reward the Titans.

That's all for today! Happy reading!