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2016 NFL Draft Trade Rumors: The New York Jets are interested in the first pick

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Pauline of Draft Insider is reporting that the New York Jets have inquired about the first pick. The Jets are another team currently without a quarterback. They had Ryan Fitzpatrick this past year, but he remains a free agent at this point (although they appear to be making moves to clear up cap space to sign Fitz Magic).

Even if the Jets sign Fitzy again, he isn't there long-term solution. They would still be willing to give up some picks if there is a quarterback that they believe could be their franchise guy.

There is always the chance that there is nothing to this. It could be speculation by Pauline, or it could be something that the Titans and Jon Robinson are floating out there to drive other offers.

Then again, Robinson could be on the phone with someone from the Jets right now working out the parameters of a deal to acquire picks and/or Muhammad Wilkerson.