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2016 NFL Mock Draft: What will happen vs. what should happen from Matt Miller

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Miller has released a new mock draft in his scouting notebook this week. Actually, he has 2 mock drafts. One is what he thinks will happen and the other is what he thinks should happen. It plays right into the fiery (#fireemoji) debate around here of Laremy Tunsil vs. Jalen Ramsey.  Miller thinks the Titans will take Tunsil but thinks they should take Ramsey.

Who do you think the Titans should....just kidding.

There is a lot of good stuff in that notebook from Miller. You really should click over there and give it a read. He conducted a brief interview with Jalen Ramsey...which included the question of which position Ramsey thinks he should play- corner or safety. Ramsey's answer:

Cornerback. I’m a corner who can play safety. I feel like I’m the prototypical new edition of cornerbacks that the league needs and is going to with bigger receivers. I’m the most physical defensive back and that’s how I play at every level.