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Tennessee Titans News Links: Long Story Short.

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

"Was this over before,
Before it ever began..."

Just wanted to let SrA Juice know that these will be short and sweet again.

Titans News!
Jim Wyatt gives us an update on who analysts are mocking to the Titans. Laremy Tunsil and Jalen Ramsey are the two that are mainly being mocked to the Titans, and that really isn't a surprise. Josh Doctson and Ronnie Stanley also make an appearance. No sign of Joey Bosa though.

Texans head coach, Bill O'Brien, gives praise for new Titans lineman Ben Jones, and also talks about what a character he is. I'm really excited about this signing. I feel like he can make an impact on the line, and especially at the Center position. I also love how crazy the guy is. I'm all about linemen who are crazy.

Paul K looks at the two teams at the top of the draft, and the fact that for only the fourth time since 1967, the top two teams picking in the draft are under both a new GM and a new head coach. It's a pretty neat read.

That's all for today. Happy reading!