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2016 NFL Draft: Mel Kiper with Questions for Titans Day 2

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday Mel Kiper called the Titans one of the biggest winners after round 1. He loves Jack Conklin and loves the fact that Jon Robinson traded up to get him in the first round. Kiper wasn't as excited about what the Titans did in rounds 2 and 3, however. Today the Titans are on his list of biggest questions. The interesting note is that he challenges the value, not the players in his comments:

The addition of Kevin Dodd is a good one, because he gives them needed help in the pass rush. After that, I think the value was a question. Austin Johnson was a bit of a reach for me at No. 43 (I have him ranked No. 75), and though Derrick Henry is really good, there were a ton of good players available at No. 45. Kevin Byard is a good safety prospect, but a reach for me in Round 3. There's no question they got better, I just didn't love some of the Day 2 value.

Value is relative in an NFL- especially once you get past the first round. So Kevin Byard is a "4th round value." Well the Titans obviously really liked him and they don't have a 4th round pick. That means they had to take him in the 3rd if they wanted him. Does that make it a bad pick? Absolutely not. If the guy can play it doesn't matter if they drafted him a round to high.

I did scratch my head a little with a couple of the picks yesterday, but I am willing to give it some time to see how the guys pan out on the field.