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2016 NFL Draft Grades: What do the "experts" think of the Titans pick?

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

It is ridiculous to grade a draft before those players have played 3 years in a draft. We all know that, yet 1st round draft grades are already all the rage on internet, and if we are being honest, we are all curious to see what people around the internet think about the Titans first pick.

Jon Robinson had to get a right tackle that could come in and start on day 1. He obviously thinks that Jack Conklin is that guy. How do others around the internet feel?

Dan Kadar of SB Nation likes the pick for the Titans. He gave it a B-. His comments:

This is a safe pick. It's a smart pick. It's a pick the Titans gave up a lot to make. The Titans must have been another team really anxious about Laremy Tunsil. Conklin is a good fit, though. He's a tough and hard-nosed blocker who will pair nicely with Taylor Lewan. Which one of them ends up on the right or left will be decided, but now the Titans have bookends to protect Marcus Mariota.

Pete Prisco was not as high on the pick. He gave it a C. His comments:

He’s the same player as Lewan. Who plays the left side? Tough, but limited

Conklin currently has an 83% approval rating in out MCM poll.