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2016 NFL Draft Trade: Titans trade up to take Jack Conklin

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans moved up from #15 to #8 in the draft tonight to take Jack Conklin, OT, Michigan State. They gave up their third round pick this year (#76) and a second round pick next year to make the move. They got a 6th round pick this year from the Browns.

The second round pick next year isn't that big of a deal because they have 2 first round picks next year after the trade with the Rams.

Jon Robinson was obviously worried that Jack Conklin wasn't going to make it out of the top 10. He felt like he needed to make that move to get his guy. I have loved everything that Robinson has done to this point. I don't love this right now, but I am willing to watch it play out before making a final judgement. If Conklin ends up being their right tackle for the next decade it is a great move.

The Titans still have three second round picks. They might not be done tonight.