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Tennessee Titans News Links: HAPPY DRAFT DAY!

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"I've seen the future and it will be,
Batman, Batman..."

Titans Links!
Merry Christmas Draft Day! Today is the day we have been looking forward to for some time now! Huzzah! The past few days we have looked at some of the best draft classes, worst draft classes, and some of the best players drafted in the history of the Titans. Today we check out who Paul K labels as the best draft pick made by the Titans/Oilers, and it is Steve "Air" McNair. It's hard to argue with that! (Unless you want to bring up Bruce Matthews. That dude is a legend in his own right). Dang I wish McNair was still with us.

Quick Hit: Conklin is aware he is a popular pick for the Titans in mock drafts.

Jim Wyatt puts together an all-time draft team by position. He has two rules for making the team: The player had to have played with the Titans at some point (this means those drafted by Houston and then moved to Tennessee), the player was drafted by the Oilers/Titans.

Quick Hit: Mularkey tempers expectations heading into today's draft.

Draft analysts are saying GM Jon Robinson is the MVP of the off-season. He is a "rookie" GM, and he was able to pull off a trade for the number one pick, and received a "king's ransom" which is what he asked for. He also quietly made strong moves during free agency, and has a clear vision of the team he wants to put together and has been working towards putting that team together.

Quick Hit: Jalen Ramsey feels the Titans got a great deal when they traded their pick to the Rams.

That's all for today. Happy reading!