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2016 NFL Free Agency: The Titans should sign Josh Norman

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

So it was announced yesterday that the Carolina Panthers removed the franchise tag from Josh Norman making him a free agent. The Titans are one of a handful of teams in the NFL that has the salary cap space available to pay Norman, and they have a need at corner. They could structure a deal that paid him a boatload of money in the next couple of years so that they wouldn't be in salary cap jail when they need to pay Marcus Mariota and all of the guys that Jon Robinson is going to draft this year that become perennial All-Pros (see what I did there?).

Adam Schefter says the Titans have expressed interest. put the Titans on a list of 7 teams that make the most sense as a landing spot for Norman with these comments:

They have the fourth-most cap room in the league and not much talent at cornerback.

The USA Today also listed the Titans among 5 teams that make sense for Norman with these comments:

GM Jon Robinson only has about half the cap space of the Jaguars, a bit less than $30 million, but has already shown a willingness to make bold moves in his bid to rebuild the franchise. And with top CB Jason McCourty trying to come back from groin issues that limited him to four games in 2015, the Tennessee secondary is hardly settled.

There really is no reason the Titans shouldn't make a big push to sign Norman. How good would the pass defense be with Norman and Jason McCourty on the outside and Perrish Cox in the nickel? Extremely good is the correct answer.