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Tennessee Titans News Links: One Week Away From Draft Day!

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"I'm a lot like you so please, hello, I'm here, I'm waiting,
I think I'd be good for you, and you'd be good for me..."

Titans Links!
Not long ago we were all picking sides. Some of us were #TeamTunsil and some were #TeamRamsey (and like two people were #TeamBosa). The Titans ruined all of that fun when they traded down to number fifteen. The possibility of getting one of those guys is now difficult seeing as how the Titans are no longer picking in the top ten. Tunsil and Ramsey (and Bosa I guess) are viewed by draft analysts as top five prospects. Unless you are ESPN draft analyst Louis Riddick, that is, who does not believe Ramsey is a top five pick. Riddick believes Ramsey will go within the top five picks, but he does not believe he should be taken there. He feels Ramsey has shown talent to play cornerback, nickel db, and safety, but he feels he has not mastered any of them. I mean. I'd be ok with Ramsey slipping out of the top five, but I highly highly doubt it happens.

Quick Hit: Marcus Mariota will be building a Habitat for Humanity home.

Peter King wrote up a pretty rad piece on how the Rams Titans trade went down. It's pretty in depth and offers some insight to what went down. Paul K read the write up, and found something interesting when reading. There is mention of a conversation Robinson had with Snead where he threw out the fact that this would be additional publicity for them. They have the move to LA, Hard Knocks, and by trading up to number one they would have complete control at the top of the draft and that would lead to only more branding and marketing for them. Look at our boy Robinson doing work!

Quick Hit: The Titans found success with drafting Cortland Finnegan late in the 2006 draft.

Which way are the Titans leaning when it comes to picking up Warmack's option? Terry McCormick takes a look at the situation. The option deadline is approaching (May 2nd), and the Titans could be shying away from picking up the $11.9 million guaranteed salary option. The Titans could still negotiate with Warmack if they decide to not pick up his option. They could work on a contract extension until he hits free agency in March of next year. I guess we will find out soon enough what they decide to do.

Quick Hit: Jurrell Casey is challenged both on and off the field.

That's all for today. Happy reading!