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Breaking Down potential Titans' target Taylor Decker

Decker is a mean, nasty dude that the Titans could really use.

Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Tackle

School: Ohio State

Size: 6-7, 310 pounds


  • Mean dude with a nasty streak.
  • Generates a push at the point of attack. At his best in the run game.
  • Generally gets the job done on an island. Not the most athletic guy by any means, but he's athletic enough to handle outside duties.
  • Technically sound. Stays on balance in pass protection. Stays upright and is rarely out of control.


  • Naturally upright player which allows power players to win the leverage battle from time to time.
  • Needs to work on staying engaged. Lets plenty of defenders by late in the rep.
  • Average athlete with shorter arms than his 6-7 height would suggest.

This is exactly what I what in my lineman. A mean, nasty dude. Decker has the size advantage on this guy and flat wears him out all the way through the whistle. I think a change in attitude would do this line some good more than anything.

Decker (#68) gets roughed up on this snap. He has such a wide strike zone for defenders that power guys can get into. Here the defender gets into his core and powers him backwards.

You want a pile pusher? Decker fits that mold. Look at the push he generates here. He wins from the snap of the ball to the whistle creating a monster alley.


Taylor Decker is a near prototype for right tackle at the next level. He's big, tough, mean and strong and a great run blocker.  He's going to hold up his end of the deal in pass protection too.  He can be beaten with quickness and occasionally some power, but I would feel perfectly fine leaving him on an island on the right side of the line.

If Mike Mularkey wants to execute his "exotic smashmouth" (or whatever you want to call it) offense, Decker would be a great fit. He's a clear upgrade from anything the Titans trotted out there last season and would give the Titans another key piece for their rushing attack.

What is fascinating about Decker and the Titans is that the staff visited Columbus twice, but no work-out or meeting was reported. Read into that what you will. They worked out several Buckeyes, but not Decker. I find it hard to believe that they would speak to almost every Ohio State prospect and purposely leave out Decker. We'll find out soon enough, but this situation is at least worth noting.

Round grade: 1st round
Expected draft slot: 15-30