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Tennessee Titans News Links: Holy Schnikes!

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"Our time is now, our time is now, our time is now,
We won't step down, no we won't step down..."

Titans Links!
Well news has been pretty scarce lately, but then the Titans had to go on and trade the first overall pick to the Rams. #HYPE! As if you didn't already know: the Titans traded their first, a fourth, and a sixth round pick to the Rams for their first (moving us down to fifteen), two second round picks, and a third pick in this year's draft. Additionally the Titans will also receive the Rams' first pick in next year's draft, along with their third round pick. Holy schnikes. #InJRobWeTrust

Trade Quick Hit Links!
Rams are now picking first overall, thanks to a massive trade with the Titans.
The blockbuster deal gives the Titans a chance at quality through quantity.
The best-case scenario for the Titans was trading the first pick.
The Titans have gone where few have gone before by trading their pick.

Jon Robinson, the man of the hour, has been getting some praise for this trade, and deservedly so. One of those people praising him for his work is Peter King. Pete loves the trade, and also loves the guts it took to make the trade happen. King believes that anyone who is a Titans fan should be congratulating Robinson (oh we are!), and that this move shows that Jon is not afraid, and is confident that he knows football.

Robinson Quick Hit Links!
Jon Robinson has done a fantastic job so far as the new Titans GM.
Robinson discussed the trade at a press conference yesterday.
Jon sits down with Mike Keith and discusses the trade in a video.
J-Rob sees benefits in trading the pick now rather than later.

For months we have been debating who the Titans should take with the first pick overall. Factions were created. Disputes were had. Blood was drawn. War was waged. That is all over now that we will be picking at fifteen. So who is in play for the Titans at the fifteenth spot in the draft? The Titans could look at drafting a right tackle in someone like Taylor Decker, or maybe they could go wide receiver and someone like Laquon Treadwell will still be hanging around. Or maybe Robinson will use some of what he got and move up from fifteen? Who knows?!

Additional Quick Hit Links!
The Titans have three second round picks now. Could "red-shirting" Jaylon Smith with one of those picks be an option?
Mularkey and Mariota are both very excited about the trade.

The 2016 game schedule for the Titans was announced yesterday. The Titans face off against the Vikings (don't we play them every year?) to kick the season off. This not only kicks off the new season for the team, but it also marks the return of Michael Griffin. The Titans will also be facing off on Thursday night against (ugh) the Jaquars...again. Paul K gives us his predictions for each game next season.

That's all for today. Happy reading!